Multisector experience and reliability: the quality guarantee of ERF products

The multisector experience acquired by operating in different markets allows ERF technicians and qualified personnel to offer tailor-made solutions to all customers, thus satisfying the specific technical requests of any kind of project.

Any customer, exclusive and unique in their wishes and expectations, deserves special attention and care referring to quality, product excellence and reliability – values always identifying ERF products.

Confidentality and non-disclosure attitude in any project are never second place in ERF priority list.



Offering qualified experience in the market at international levels, ERF is specialised in the manufacturing of:

  • lay up tools in composite and metal of any dimensions
  • master models
  • bonding tools
  • stretching tools
  • drilling and trimming jigs
  • flying parts in composite and metal
  • mock-ups
  • wind tunnel models

Since September 2012 ERF has been certified ISO 9100:2009 for the manufacturing of flying composite and metal parts for Aviation, Space and Defence Industry.

ERF is member of the Lombardy Aerospace Cluster

Involvement in international projects


Tools and parts in carbon composites

Thanks to the experience acquired in the market, ERF distinguishes its brand worldwide in the technical performance of:

  • manufacturing of lamination tools in carbon composites
  • prepreg lamination processes
  • CNC milling processes of carbon parts
  • finishing processes
  • manufacturing of carbon parts of any dimensions
  • manufacturing of limited series parts in carbon composites
  • manufacturing of structural flying parts in carbon composites
  • special applications of composite materials


Thanks to the actual application of carbon composite materials in the automotive market, ERF can distinguish its brand and performance in the manufacturing of

  • carbon and metal tools
  • carbon parts for inner and outer car bodies
  • one-off and limited series parts in composites
Involvement in international projects:

BMW Z8, BMW M3 CLS, AUDI A8, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F50, Ferrari 3 SEATER, Hyperion by Pininfarina, Lancia Stratos

General mechanics

ERF offers experience and competence in mechanical activities for any sector and with any kind of material, specifically:

  • 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling processes of tools and parts in composite and metal of any dimensions
  • finishing and polishing processes of metal parts
  • finishing processes of carbon parts


Always keeping in mind their original activities in the manufacturing of wooden foundry moulds, ERF can offer matured and specialized experience in the:

  • development and manufacturing of ureol and rohacell moulds of any dimensions
  • manufacturing of wooden moulds


ERF can offer highly qualified experience at international levels in the manufacturing of composite and metal appendages for racing boatbuilding.
ERF technical team has always shared the celebration of great international results of the boats equipped with ERF appendages both at worldwide regattas such as Volvo Ocean Race, Vendée Globe, America’s Cup and Luis Vuitton Cup and at individual speed challenge records.

ERF is specialized in the manufacturing of:

  • structural parts in composite and metal for racing boats
  • keels
  • rudders
  • bulbs
  • daggerboards
  • carbon appendages
  • scale models for water testing
Involvement in international projects:

America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendée Globe, TP52, IRC72', Maxi yachts

Our success on board of the winning boats equipped with ERF appendages

First and second place for ABM AMRO One & Two (ERF carbon appendages)

Gold medal of Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson (GBR), in Star boat class (ERF bulb)

VENDÉE GLOBE 2008-2009:
Safran Sixty third place, with skipper Marc Guillemot (ERF keel, daggerboard and rudder inner parts)

First place of Ericsson 4 and fourth place of Ericsson 3 (ERF all carbon appendages)

First place of Groupama (ERF keel, bulb and daggerboards), third place of Puma and fourth place of Telefonica

MASERATI RECORD by Giovanni Soldini
From New York to San Francisco in 47 days (February 2013)


Racing F1

ERF has acquired significant international awards from partners and customers due to the high-technology, the extreme precision and the delivery time punctuality guaranteed by ERF in the supply of composite tools and carbon parts in the racing markets.

Thanks to the specialized experience matured ERF excels in the manufacturing of:

  • carbon tools
  • composite parts for high performance racing cars despite tight delivery deadlines

Special applications

Multisector experience and technical flexibility allow ERF team to apply all technologies specifically used in traditional sectors to extraordinary special applications.

Special applications in art: