Eligio Re Fraschini, a continuation of tradition and innovation

The beauty of wood has made room to the elegance and functionality of carbon, to its technological perfection in the hand shaping as wood was moulded in the past to manufacture foundry models. Modern materials have replaced wood, offering new technical properties: nothing has changed anyway in the hand manufacturing.

Our strength lies in the continuation of tradition and innovation: the tradition of mould manufacturing of the past times on one side and today and tomorrow’s innovative technology in the composite material manufacturing process on the other side Piero Refraschini, CEO


Eligio Re Fraschini S.p.A. manufactures tools and parts in composite materials and metals of high quality performance applied in aerospace, automotive, racing boatbuilding, F1 racing and special projects.

ERF has always cooperated closely with their customers, offering multisector experience and highly qualified competence, to be the reliable partner able to anticipate answers to any specific technical request.

  • Tools and parts in carbon composites of any dimensions
  • Tools and parts in metals of any dimensions
  • Master models
  • Lay up tools
  • Bonding tools
  • Stretching tools
  • Drilling and trimming jigs
  • Flying parts and components in carbon composites and metals applied in aerospace
  • Nautical appendages (keels, rudders, bulbs, daggerboards)
  • One-off special parts for limited series
  • Mock-ups
  • Models for wind tunnels
  • Carbon composite materials
  • Aluminium and steel
  • New experimental materials
  • Prepreg lamination
  • Infusion
  • NC milling
  • CMM point-to-point and laser dimensional quality inspection

Our strength

Being the winner at the finish line, offering unique emotions and exclusive performance

Perfection, high-speed performance, technology, competence, passion, emotions: this is our strength, to offer our partners excellence products, marking ERF brand ever since

ERF final goal is to win the quality and speed challenge together with our partners: being the winner at the finish line and offering incomparable unforgettable performances Massimo Refraschini, CEO
  • Multisector know-how and avant-garde manufacturing technologies applied in the aerospace, automotive, racing boatbuilding and F1 racing
  • Real time coordination of the company departments: all manufacturing steps are performed in-house, from the analysis and development of the customers’ data to the NC milling in the workshop, the lamination process in the composite dept to the CMM quality inspection before delivery
  • Project coordination by the project manager, the contact reference supervising all steps in the development and manufacturing processes
  • Tailor-made solutions for any kind of project requests
  • Product and manufacturing process reliability
  • Excellence in quality, functionality and aesthetics
  • Punctuality in deliveries
  • Dynamic team feeling
  • Customer and project confidentiality


ERF is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacturing of tools and parts in composite and metal materials.
Since September 2012 ERF has been also certified UNI EN 9100:2016 for the manufacturing of flying composite and metal parts for Aviation, Space and Defence Industry.

Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate UNI EN 9100:2016 Certificate ISO 45001:2018


Eligio Re Fraschini: a family history
of tradition, innovation and success