Big success at Mets 2013 in Amsterdam

Big success at Mets 2013 in Amsterdam for Eligio Re Fraschini Spa.

Still a positive attendance for ERF at Mets, which is the most important trade for the nautical equipment of the world.

At ERF stand came designers, project managers, captains and all those important characters in the global nautical scene.

This year ERF stand had a keel and a bulb costum realized for a racingboat, and a daggerboard of Groupama, who is the winner of the latest Volvo Ocean Race.

In addition to this, there were some products which ERF realizes for Exit Engineering, a foreground company in the design and marketing of wheels and gangway in carbon fiber. ERF and Exit Engineering have been collaborating for 10 years now.

Thanks to all of those who came by to say hi.