ERF Sport Team 2015 winner in the lake regattas

ERF Sport Team, better known as Verbano Challenge and represented by the two boats BandaLarga and Maipaura, gets successful results at the regatta championship 2015 on Lake Maggiore.

BandaLarga gets at Triangolone di Monvalle on 26 April, at XXX Mazzarditi regatta on 11 July and at 50. Regatta del Canalone on 15 August. Third place is confirmed at 47° Trofeo del Nostromo on 23 June.

Maipaura gets excellent at Rally Velico del Verbano on 4 July and at Trofeo dei Leoni delle due Rocche on 27 June.

Congratulations to both shore and crew teams for the excellent results!!!

All future sport events can be followed on Verbano Challenge website.